About us

Incredibubble started out of a passion of two sisters to create beautiful and functional items for our friends, our family and of course ourselves. It wasn’t long before the designs we create started to spread throughout our local town through fetes and craft-fairs. When someone suggested that we put up a website to advertise our products to the world we wondered just who would bother. Well, wondering is one thing, doing is another. We decided that the only way was to have a go.

We make every order ourselves by hand. We try hard to ensure that nothing is rushed, and that each individual item passes our own stringent quality control tests. We then ask these questions of ourselves:

  1. Is the item Cute, Adorable or Fashionable?
  2. Would we want to own the item?
  3. Would we be happy to give the item to someone else?

Should each of these questions be answered with a Yes, then we know that we are happy for them to go on sale. If you would like to know more about our products, our ethos or about other artistic creations by Incredibubble then visit our contacts page and drop us a line.